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DJI Matrice 350 RTK Commercial Drone System for Mapping

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK is designed for aerial mapping, surveying, and more. It uses RTK technology for very accurate positioning. This makes its data capture and analysis very precise.12

dji matrice 350 rtk commercial drone system

Key Takeaways

  • Centimeter-level positioning accuracy with RTK technology
  • Suitable for aerial mapping, surveying, inspection, and search and rescue
  • Equipped with high-resolution 45MP full-frame sensor
  • Efficient data acquisition and large area coverage capabilities
  • Robust design for harsh environments with IP55 weather resistance

Unmatched Accuracy with RTK Technology

Centimeter-Level Precision

The Matrice 350 RTK uses RTK technology for centimeter-level precision342. It ensures all positions are accurate, vital for tasks like mapping, surveying, and monitoring a site.

Real-Time Kinematic Positioning

The Matrice 350 RTK’s RTK feature keeps its location highly accurate in tough spots42. It’s a must-have for experts needing exactness in gathering and analyzing aerial data.

Powerful Performance for Efficient Mapping

The Matrice 350 RTK has a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor1. It captures precise and high-quality images for mapping and surveying.

High-Resolution 45MP Full-Frame Sensor

This drone is perfect for mapping big areas at once1. It helps users work faster and more accurately, improving their workflow.

Efficient Data Acquisition

The Matrice 350 RTK can cover large areas with ease1. It uses advanced controls and systems for precise and efficient data capturing. This saves time and resources for mapping and surveying projects.1

Large Area Coverage

Its high-resolution sensor is great for professionals in many fields15. From construction to agriculture, it helps with complex mapping projects. This tool makes work easier and more accurate.15

dji matrice 350 rtk commercial drone system

The1 DJI Matrice 350 RTK is top-notch for pros in many fields. These include construction, farming, and map-making. Its performance, precision, and versatility shine in tough spots.1

It’s small, at 810×670×430 mm (L×W×H)1, and light, weighing 6.47 kg with two TB65 batteries1. This makes it easy to move. With a max takeoff weight of 9.2 kg1 and up to 55 minutes flying time2, it’s perfect for many tasks.

The RTK tech gives super precise positioning, accurate to within a centimeter1. This means exact data collection and analysis1. The tech offers 1 cm + 1 ppm on the ground and 1.5 cm + 1 ppm in height1, great for surveys and more.

It uses a global satellite system that merges GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo1. Such tech means it works well in tough spots. It can handle 12 m/s winds1 and temps from -20° to 50° C1. This makes it tough and adaptable.

The2 DJI Matrice 350 RTK also boasts IP55 for water and dust protection2. It can detect obstacles effectively within 30 m2 and offers detailed mapping support2. These features serve pros who need sharp aerial data.

Robust Design for Harsh Environments

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK is made for tough jobs in tough places. It has double the power with two batteries, many sensors, and backup parts. This makes sure it flies safe and sound, even in risky spots.5 With an IP55 rating, this drone is ready for weather from -4°F to 122°F. So, it can work in many different conditions.

Redundant Systems for Flight Safety

The Matrice 350 RTK has extra power and parts, like dual batteries and lots of sensors. These let it keep going, even if something unexpected happens. You can trust it to finish the job without any sudden stops or worries.5

IP55 Weather Resistance

This drone is rated IP55 for water and dust resistance. That means it keeps flying in light rain or dusty areas.67 Its strong design works with professionals, making sure they complete their tasks no matter the weather.

Operating Temperature Range

The Matrice 350 RTK handles temps from -4°F to 122°F. This means it works in many climates without a problem.567 Whether it’s really hot or cold, this drone keeps working well. That makes it great for all kinds of places and needs.

Robust Design

Advanced Vision Systems

The Matrice 350 RTK has top-notch vision systems for safety during flights. It uses a six-directional binocular vision system and infrared tech for reliable flight8. This allows it to avoid obstacles in all directions, making flight in complex places safe.

Also, the Matrice 350 RTK has a special FPV camera for seeing at night. It helps pilots by showing a clear view of the area, making night flights safer8.

These vision systems are made to protect the drone and its cargo, even when things are tough. The Matrice 350 RTK can see and then steer clear of things with its smart sensors and software. This keeps its flights smooth and efficient for many jobs.

Versatile Payload Options

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK is made to carry lots of different gear. It can use many Zenmuse cameras. They fit it for different jobs like mapping and surveying. This makes the drone very useful for lots of tasks.4

The Matrice 350 RTK can hold several cameras at once. For example, the Zenmuse H20T works for thermal images. And the Zenmuse P1 is great for detailed maps. This means it can do a lot of projects well.4

The drone can lift up to 5.9 lbs. It can fly as high as 4.3 miles and is tough against wind speeds of 26.8 mph. It’s ready for many different kinds of cameras and equipment.4

The DJI Pilot 2 app is a big help. It’s for managing all the drone’s gear and how it works. This makes using the Matrice 350 RTK smoother. With this app, the drone works even better.4

Seamless Integration with DJI Terra

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK seamlessly works with DJI Terra software. This software makes mapping and surveying much easier.9 It makes high-precision TDOM and DSM from photos, perfect for maps, surveys, and planning.9 With just a click, it processes point cloud data from the Zenmuse LiDAR. This gives very accurate measurements of the survey area.

Automated Flight Planning

9 DJI Terra starts DJI Modify with a single click. This tool helps edit 3D models by fixing floating parts or holes.9 It automatically plans inspection missions. It creates waypoints and flight routes from 3D models, making inspections smoother.9 Terra has many plan strategies for different needs, like Waypoints or Area Planning.

Real-Time Data Visualization

9 It shows 3D maps and maps in real-time. This makes it easy to see and make decisions on the spot. It’s great for flying plans too.9 Together with DJI Enterprise drones, Terra offers a full solution for many industries. This includes firefighting, emergencies, and transport planning.

Long-Range Transmission and Control

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK comes with powerful long-range transmission and control. This feature lets users fly the drone far and keep a strong link even in tough places.2 It has a top transmission range of 12.4 miles and can switch between 2.4/5.8 GHz by itself. This means no breaks in action, even where there’s signal interference.2 Its reach allows experts to do their work safely and well. They can cover large areas, check on buildings, or help in emergencies.

The Matrice 350 RTK stands out with its top-level long-range transmission and control. It uses OcuSync 3 for clear, triple-channel 1080p HD live video.2 This tech lets users see things clearly in real-time. It’s perfect for making quick, smart choices on-site.2 The drone’s advanced sensors and ability to handle winds up to 55 mph mean it works well in tough spots.2

The Matrice 350 RTK is perfect for many jobs because of its far reach and solid design. It’s great for building, monitoring projects, or rescues.25 This drone gives power to users. They can take on tough jobs with confidence, even in far or hard-to-reach places.2

Intelligent Flight Battery System

The DJI Matrice 350 RTK shines thanks to its smart flight battery system. It uses high-capacity TB65 batteries210. They allow for up to 55 minutes of flying10. This lets users explore larger areas during their flights.

Each TB65 battery can be charged up to 400 times10. This keeps the system running at lower costs. It also lasts for a long time, which is great news for those using it for work.

High-Capacity TB65 Batteries

The Matrice 350 RTK is powered by TB65 batteries with a big 5880 mAh capacity and 263.2 Wh output10. This gives you plenty of flying time. With these powerful batteries and the drone’s design, you can go as far as 20 km210 and reach an altitude of 4.3 miles2. Plus, they work well in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C10.

Intelligent Battery Station

The TB65 batteries work harmoniously with the Intelligent Battery Station. This station makes charging and managing the drone batteries a breeze. It contributes to keeping the Matrice 350 RTK ready to fly with minimal delays, improving overall efficiency.

It can handle up to 400 battery cycles210. This makes it a key part of the Matrice 350 RTK’s advanced flight technology.