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Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 625mm Spyder Quad Solderless ARF Kit
Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 625mm Spyder Quad Solderless ARF Kit

Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 625mm Spyder Quad Solderless ARF Kit

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Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 625mm

Spyder Quad Solderless ARF Kit

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ARF kit:
We set out to design a transportable spyder frame and knew that not just transportability had to be taken into account. Reliability and ease of operation were key aspects we also had to integrate with our design. After the 625mm Spyder Quad frame proved to meet our demands we started looking for the right electronics that would provide reliable efficient lift and power. We chose motors manufactured by Avroto for us here at Phoenix Flight Gear, the PFG Edition M2814P-11s 770kv is specifically manufactured to our specifications. To feed those 4 motors power the highly reliable Maytech 30A OPTO ESC's flashed with Simon-K multirotor firmware will provide efficient, quiet and reliable power. To simplify the assembly the motor to ESC connections are made with 3.5mm bullet connectors and color coded wires. Distribution of power is all taken care of with all of the ESC's pre-soldered to the power distribution board by VOLTair. Two JST connectors are also pre-soldered to the distribution board to provide power to electronic accessories and your flight controller.APC's 10x5.5 composite propellers will provide all the lift required to get your drone flying high in the sky. Phoenix Flight Gear, created and manufactured by pilots for pilots.

All our Phoenix Flight Gear frames are 3K twill weave carbon fiber. We DO NOT USE low quality fiberglass composite sandwiched between 2 THIN LAYERS of carbon fiber!


This Spyder Quad frame was designed to be highly transportable with all four arms able to swing back to fold. The frame plates are CNC cut from 1.5mm carbon fiber and are designed to contain all of your electronics internally. Light weight powder coated aluminum arms with 2mm CF vented motor plates keep your motors secure and cool keeping your drone in the air with heavy payloads. When the propellers are removed the whole frame can fold and fit into a hard side case making travel to and from flight locations simple.

Keeping all of the electronics internally mounted makes the frame build neat and clean. The frame was designed around the electronics, inside the frame there are mounting locations for your power distribution, 4 ESC's and, flight controllers. Venting holes help keep the ESC's cool and improves the airflow through the interior of the frame as well. Containing the flight electronics internally provides a massive area on the top or bottom to mount accessories like, gimbals, FPV, downlinks or anything else you can think of. We have also provided two mounting locations for the DJI Zenmuse H3-2D. One centers the gimbal on the frame and the other keeping the lens in the center of the craft. The goal is to keep your build clean and functional keeping ease of use a key design aspect.

The included landing gear allows 135mm clearance below your frame. If you need more clearance below your quad to mount larger gimbals or equipment then you can equip the frame with the optional CarbonGear 200mm Carbon Fiber Landing Gear. The taller landing gear combined with the CarbonGear 7mm Rail Mount will allow you to mount an AV130, rail mount brushless gimbal, rail mount accessory / battery plate or any other accessory that has a 80mm width, 7mm rail mount. (200mm landing gear and rail mount sold separately)

Construction of your air frame is straight forward and easy to understand. There are no: glues, epoxies or resins; no complicated specialty hardware that is hard to find and replace, no overly complicated installation of electronics or searching for a place to mount items. Simple CAD drawings depict the basic construction of the air frame. CAD diagrams show the recommended installation of the electronics. American style fasteners simplify the build using three tools, a 1/16" hex, 5/65" hex and, 5/64 nut driver.

**Frame does NOT ship assembled**

**Frame does NOT ship assembled**

**Frame does NOT ship assembled**

**Frame does NOT ship assembled**


Frame components:

  • 2 - 8.5" lightweight aluminum front black arms
  • 2 - 8.5" lightweight aluminum rear red arms
  • 2 - CF frame plates (one top, one bottom)
  • 8 - CF motor plates
  • 8 - CF arm reinforcement plates
  • 8 - CF legs

Included hardware:

  • 52 -  4-40x1/4" Screws
  • 20 - 6-32x1/12" Screws
  • 22 - 1" Threaded standoffs
  • 4 - 1/2" Threaded standoffs
  • 4 - LG 1/2" Threaded standoffs
  • 20 - 6-32 Locknuts
  • 4 Rubber grommets

Simple CAD drawings depict the basic construction of the air frame. CAD diagrams show the recommended installation of the electronics. American sized fasteners simplify the build using three tools, a 1/16" hex, 5/65" hex and, 5/64 nut driver.

VoltAir® micro 60 amp power distribution board

The VOLTair power distribution board has proven to be an extremely reliable performer for us here at Phoenix Flight Gear. 12 ESC wire mounting locations, four super thick gold plated copper conduction rings and 192 bias to transfer power efficiently and evenly. The numerous bias and super thick conductors keep all of your electronics supplied with plenty of power.

VoltAir® micro 60 amp power distribution board - a small 50mmx50mm PCB - which makes it very easy to wire together up to 8 ESCs and addition power outlets for FPV and LEDs. Virtually indespensible with six engine multicopters or Quads need several FPV and LED power outlets.

Rated and tested to 60 amps continuous - tested to 72amps for 15 secs
tiny 50x50mm - with standard 45mm holes - (measured square axis across) - 1.6mm RoHS gold plated PCB
4 Super thick 140um copper rings joined by 192 vias - so both sides of the board act together to conduct large amounts of current

Plated holes for strength and 100% power delivery
11 sets of 2.0mm holes (22 in all) for ESC and power out
1 set of 2.5mm -> Power IN holes
12 additional sets of 1.5mm holes for small devices - FPV and LED
4 x M3 mounting holes unplated to isolate
5 x M3 holes in the centre for wire routing

Phoenix Flight Gear Edition Avroto M2814P 770kv Brushless Motors


The Phoenix Flight Gear Edition Avroto motor is a high quality, smooth running, durable brushless motor built for multirotor UAV applications. The custom assembly methods, reinforcements, and components unique to Avroto motors help to provide the reliability required for a dependable aerial platform.

Manufacturer Data:

Model number M2814P-11S
Weight approximately 100 grams not including wires.
External Dimensions 35mm D x 36mm L
Stator Dimensions 28mm D x 14mm L
Internal Shaft diameter 4mm
Prop Adapter diameter 6mm
No-load speed: 770 rpm / V
Ri (Internal Resistance) 100
Io (no load current) 0.5A
Voltage for Io measuremen 10V
Current capacity 25A/180s
Watts: 350
Lipo cell 3-4
Wire length 450mm
14magnets 12 stator arms 12N 14P
Shaft secured by snap ring
.2mm NdFeB sheet
Hardened shaft from Japan
Quality EZO brand bearings from Japan
High quality accessories included:
Includes radial mount set with prop adapter. Wire color may vary

Test results from sample M2814P-11 motors courtesy of RCG member 13brv3
Avroto M2814P-11
Prop APC 10x4.7 SF APC 11x4.7 SF APC 12x3.8 SF
Max Watts @ 11.1V 122 163 201
Max Thrust Oz 30.4 39.3 46.3

Prop APC 10x4.7 SF APC 11x4.7 SF APC 12x3.8 SF
Max Watts @ 14.8V 266 346 423
Max Thrust Oz 50.9 60 60.3

Our new Phoenix Flight Gear Edition Avroto motors have 3.5mm bullet connectors factory installed to match up perfect with the included 30A Maytech ESC with factory flasked SimonK FW for multirotors.

Maytech MT30A-OPTO-MK 30 Amp ESC w/SimonK w/Bullet connectors installed

**Factory Flashed w/SimonK Firmware For Multirotors**

MT30A-OPTO-MK ESC is specially designed for multi-rotor copters. The ESCs are loaded with dedicated optimized software, for extremely high performance on MultiCopters. It will increase the handling and stability of multirotor greatly.

Main Features:
  • Handle fast refresh rates. ESCs operate with over 450Hz refresh rate.
  • ESC firmware is optimized for quadcopters / multicopters.
  • Excellent Reliability. Our distributors worldwide give us feedback that our ESCs have the best reliability rate with their customers of any brand of ESCs they have ever sold.

Application: RC Multirotor
Cont.Current: 30A
Lipo: 2-4Cells
Burst Current(10sec): 40A
NiMh: 5-12Cells
Net Weight: 27g
PCB Size(mm)(L x W x H): 56x25x8
Programe Device: Transmitter

We had 3.5mm bullet connectors factory installed to match our new Avroto Phoenix Flight Gear Edition Motors.

APC Propeller: 10" x 5.5" Left & Right Rotation


Hub Diameter: 0.65 in. Hub Diameter
Hub Thickness: 0.35 in. Hub Thickness
Shaft Diameter: 1/4 in. Engine Shaft Dia.
Propeller Weight: 0.53 oz.

Included are the matching Prop Spacers

This ARF Kit includes:

  • (1) Phoenix Flight Gear Transporter 625mm Spyder Quad Solderless ARF Kit
  • (1) VoltAir® micro 60 amp power distribution board
  • (4) Phoenix Flight Gear Edition Avroto M2814P 770kv Brushless Motors
  • (4) Maytech MT30A-OPTO-MK 30 Amp ESCs w/SimonK with 3.5mm Bullet Connectors installed
  • (4) APC Propellers w/adapter rings- 10" x 5.5" Left & Right Rotation

Manufactured by Phoenix Flight Gear
"Created and manufactured by pilots for pilots"

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